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Thank you for your interest in contributing to the project. Submissions would make this more than a vision—more than what could have been or what could be—so I am immensely grateful for whatever brought you to this page, whether that was a sense of enthusiasm, curiosity, or apprehension.


However, I also recognize that, for some, the decision to knowingly contribute to an archive is neither easy nor straightforward. As the creator of this project, and as someone who has studied and experienced, firsthand, the limits of the archive, I am acutely. aware of the ways in which archives have been, and continue to be, 1) spaces that are largely inaccessible and 2) spaces where people and institutions leverage power to dominate less-powerful minority groups, often through dispossession, silencing, and erasure.

While I am aware of this history and attentive to the concerns of potential contributors, I am also convinced that we need an alternative—that is, an archive that is accountable to the people whose stories it seeks to tell. So, if you are in any way apprehensive about getting involved, or if you have any other questions or concerns related to the project, I urge you to reach out to me.

This project is far bigger than me. In fact, it is not even about me. It is about you and how you want to be remembered, even if you choose to make an anonymous contribution.


Whatever you choose to contribute, just know, your opinions are valuable. your feelings are valid, your voice should be heard, and you should be seen. 


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Thank you for your submission.

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